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Kate Gould fashion designer Oxted

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Fashion has been my passion since I was a little girl. My grandmothers and my mum loved to create clothes by sewing, embroidering or knitting. They even used to order tailor made shoes to match an evening gown or a coat.  I started to make my own clothes at 10 years old.  I was born in Russia, in Nizhny Novgorod. In 1992 I sewed my first custom made dress for my first client. In more than 30 years I have received awards including Dress of the Year in Russia; I have studied in famous fashion schools (including Central Saint Martins in London). Now I live in beautiful England, near Oxted (Surrey) and am looking forward to helping women here feel more beautiful and comfortable at the same time.  



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What can I create for you?

Women can order a custom made dress, skirt, blouse, jacket, set of three or two (jacket + skirt or/and trousers), waistcoat, jumpsuit, coat or raincoat. Evening gowns and wedding dresses are also possible for as special orders. If you would like to have your own custom made fabric with special print – I can provide it for you, I recently worked with a famous artist and turned one of her paintings into a gorgeous dress. I can design and order printing for your exclusive dress. For men I can make shirts and trousers. Also, I am a bijoux designer – you can buy earrings or necklace directly from me or online here

Can I do alterations?

Yes, I do. Any kind of women clothes, men’s trousers or shirts. I do not make alterations for men’s jackets and coats. It is another speciality and needs special equipment and tools.

How long it might take?

For custom made clothes it depends on how many orders I am already working on, on average it takes 2-3 weeks, but every order is very special. We can discuss the most comfortable timing for you together.  Alterations are, of course, much quicker and it is best to contact me and ask directly.

Do I have fabrics on stock?

Yes, I do. Every time I see something particularly exclusive in a fabric shop – I buy it. My clients are all busy and do not have time for looking fabrics or trims and laces. I have silk, wool, jersey, trims, lace, lining and a wide assortment of rhinestones to make you look special and outstanding.

How much will it cost you?

The price depends on many factors including:

  • – how complicated is the model
  • – the quality of fabric (wool or silk, fine or thick, etc.)
  • – embellishment (embroidery, rhinestone decoration, lace, fur, etc.)
  • – how quick the garment should be ready


Below is an estimate based on recent work (fabrics and materials not included).


Garment To Make Alterations
Dress From £ 150 From £ 60
Evening dress From £ 250 From £ 70
Wedding dress From £ 350 From £ 80
Jacket From £ 250 From £ 70
Waistcoat From £ 150 From £ 60
Skirt From £ 100 From £ 50
Trousers (for men and women) From £ 130 From £ 60
Blouse From £ 100 From £ 50
Jumpsuit From £ 160 From £ 50
Coat From £ 400 From £ 120
Raincoat From £ 200 From £ 80


Please, make an appointment to order your personal style by phone/WhatsApp


or by email kate@kate-gould.com

Please visit our shop with exclusive JEWELLERY by Kate Gould

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Here are some of my wonderful creations:

This dress is made with a custom printed silk and cashmere mix. 

The print was created by me.


This dress is made with custom printed silk and cashmere mix.

Print was created by famous artist Natalya Pankova.

This blouse is made with custom printed silk.

Print was created by famous artist Natalya PankovaWool trousers with wrap effect.

Cotton blouse with hand stitched French lace.